Model Golf Caddies

Golf is America’s favorite hobby. It’s an enjoyable way to spend a day off, or a fun way to impress a work client. A combination of the smell of the green, the sound of a well hit ball, and the feeling of the warm sun upon your back is what makes a round of golf the delight that it is.

It’s hard to believe such a day out could be improved upon. That’s until you experience how fun it is to have a beautiful female caddying for you.

The Las Vegas girl golf caddies we have available are young women with model good looks, who love spending time on the golf course. These beautiful and outgoing girl caddies will accompany you around the course, doing everything a regular caddy does, only with the intention of providing you with a 5 star golfing experience.

Our Las Vegas female golf caddies will clean your golf balls, shine your clubs, maintain your scorecard, assist with yardage, arrange food and drink orders and even act as your personal cheerleader.

All of our girls are fun, enthusiastic, energetic and enjoyable to be around. They’re knowledgeable about golf and professional in their approach to work. Their job is make sure your game is as entertaining as possible, and all of your golfing needs are met. While a middle-aged male caddy may be popular on the PGA tour, you’ll find such an idea boring after you’ve had one of our beautiful Las Vegas model golf caddies accompany you around the course.

If you’re planning a game with friends, a corporate meeting, or a bachelor party: add some glamour to your round and hire one of our beautiful female model caddies to make your game more pleasant and far more memorable.